Olympiad is carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, European countries, Asia, BRICS countries from the 1st November till the 20th December 2021 according to the following stages:

  • The registration of the participants on the Olympiad web-site is effected from 01 November till 08 November 2021.
  • The first (selection) stage of the Olympiad is held in the Dictation format on the 08th of November 2021.
  • The finalists are selected by the Competition Organizing Committee from 08 to 10 November 2021. The Organizing Committee selects 300 finalists who have got the highest points after the first stage (the Dictation).
  • The creative works of the finalists are accepted for the second stage of the Olympiad from November 10th to 30th 2021.
  • The jury evaluates the creative work from 01 to 07 December 2021 to determine the five (5) winners and ten (10) laureates of the final stage. The Jury takes into account the results of the popular vote on the Olympiad web-site.
  • The people's voting is carried out according to 30 finalists' works which are published on the Olympiad web-site in the period of December 1st - 7th, 2021.
  • The winners will be announced on December 08 on the website of the Olympiad.
  • The awarding ceremony will take place on December 20, 2021.


Participants of the Olympiad are pupils of general educational institutions, schools, university students, members of youth and student organisations for whom Russian is not their native or main language.


Children and young people between the ages of 12 and 24 are eligible to participate.


The first (qualifying) stage of the Olympiad is a video broadcast of the dictation, which will be read live by the author of the text, Sergey Lukyanenko.  Dictation mechanics are as follows: along with the author's dictation, a text containing meaningful gaps in Russian language and literature, which participants need to fill promptly by choosing the right answer in the dropdown menu. After passing the Dictation test, the participant will immediately receive information about the score and a code to share the result on social media.

Based on the results of the first stage, the Organising Committee of the Olympiad will determine the 300 finalists who have collected the maximum number of points. The list of the finalists will be posted on the website of the Event. In order to participate in the second (final) stage of the Olympiad, the finalists are invited to send a creative task to be assessed by the Jury of Experts. To perform the task a participant is asked to make an author's list-recommendation of 5 works of Russian classical and/or modern authors, with a brief description of each work. The topic for their selection should be determined by the participant (e.g. "5 books on which the best film adaptations have been made", "5 books to be read before the age of 20", etc.).

 Creative submissions in .doc format are accepted via  email at  from 10 to 30 November 2021.

The Jury and the popular vote will determine the five (5) winners and ten (10) laureates of the final phase, who will receive valuable prizes.