Russian language is one of the world (global) languages. It is used to communicate with a great number of people around the world, therefore it is considered an important language of international communication, along with Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French and German.

According to the latest data, Russian is the tenth language in the world by number of native speakers, and the fifth language in the world by total number of speakers: there are over 150 million Russian-speakers, another 100 million Russian-speakers, and about 38 million Russian-speakers learn it as a second language. This is particularly true of those from countries with an official language of Slavonic origin.

Russian is a working language in a number of international organisations such as the United Nations and UNESCO.

But beyond its historical and global importance, Russian is also a source of great culture. Russian literature and poetry hold a very significant place in the world's cultural heritage.

The International Creative Olympiad "RUS.LIT.2.1" was created to tell children and youth from different countries about the role of the Russian language, literature and art in the world. The aim of the event is to show the depth and beauty of the Russian language, to inspire them to get to know it, to show how wonderful it is to be able to read the works of Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky in the original.

We are sure that immersion into the world of Russian literature and poetry can give a huge bright world - you only need to take the first step!